Kamis, 27 Desember 2012

Black Rose - DIY Blazer

Nah, this is my personal post :p.

See what I wore? The black dress was my mom’s when she was young. It is vintage and comfy so that I asked her to have it. Hehe. And here I wore my new shoes! Ahaha I love the pattern. I got it at an online shop on instagram. @floomyhouse If you want to know. And i love making DIY stuff. The bracelets above was DIY too hehe. But it's too easy to make so i don't make the tutorial hehe.And the blazer, I’ve ever worn it in my latest post. But I did a bit DIY by adding some flowers patchwork. And the patchwork was the residue of my floral skirt I posted few weeks ago, hahaha.

Let’s see about my blazer.

What will you need:
Blazer (better if plain), Flower patchwork, Cut, Thread, Pin

The steps:
1.       Cut the flower patchwork. Make sure this one is your favorite flower :p
2.       Secure it with pins at your blazer
3.       Sew it neatly
4.       Add some flower at the other spot on your blazer (if necessary)
5.       And taadaaaa!

Easy, isn’t it?

 Selamat Mencoba! Hopefully you could make the better one :p
XO, Dian<3
Happy Holidaaaaaay!


Hello everyone. Are you having a good holiday? I do having a good holiday. Sadly because this is my last holiday before having a national exam, so that I have to use this holiday hapily (awkward). 

Ummm, my first day holiday was on Monday. That day, my parents were having motorcycle touring with some of their friends. They were going to Guci, Pemalang. Unluckily, my mom got sick in the middle of the way. She vomited a lot. So that she couldn’t continue her touring. Anddddd you know what? I had to pick her up in Ambarawa. So, my first day was…boring. But my mom is ok now! ;). Second day, I had some family gathering so that I can’t go anywhere. My uncle came from Surabaya too^^ ah, so funny.

The third day was the beeeeeeeeeest! I had some photo hunting with my bestfriend, Dhea and Liya. We did it in Taman Balekambang, Solo. It is the greenest-place in Solo I think hahaha. Let’s take a look. We laughed a lot, isn’t that why friends are made? :p to cheer us up.

Me & Liya

Me & Dhea
Liya: mintaaaaa | Dhea: Niiiih aaaaaak | Liya: horeeee

Dhea & Liya
it was a tiring day! Oh, we actually had two costums hahaha. Wait for the next post.

look at Liya's shoes. It is so cetar membahana badai halilintar!
Have a fun holiday guys!
XO, Dian.

Minggu, 28 Oktober 2012

Floral Skirt #1

 As another Sunday passes, another Monday comes, I grow older. Sometimes I feel bored when it comes to Monday. Yet I think this is indeed so. That is live I have to live. I don’t know who I’m gonna be next in the future. But I’ve had an imagination about it. So I am on my way to be there.

Plain t-shirt My Sister's. Skirt: Taylor. Loop Shawl: Unbranded.
Ha! It was just a slight opening. A bit daily-bored-students-story. Anyway, I love skirt recently. Don’t know why. It may covers my not-thin-feet, doesn’t it? Then, ummm. I just love floral pattern. That’s why I bought a floral pattern fabric then made it as skirt. Bytheway, do i look good with these old-fashioned glass? Or i'm better without it?

Sstt, I tell you something. When I first wore it in front of my mom, she said, “Is that mukena?” (Moslem’s wear when pray). Oh, is it that long? -_-. I’m a bit resent in that time. Then I think I have to wear it above the stomach so it won’t hit the floor. Then I cover it with my sister’s plain tee. Aaannddd my favorite stuff, yap! I wore that loop shawl. I bought it at some kinda like Sunday market of the town. And I love it! It also covers my chest.
 Soooo, okay people. Bye for now!
XO, diafff