Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

komplit, deh.

terserah! lagi males mikir, pake bhs indo aja ya -__- alah, yan. kaya ingrisnya bagus aja -__-
oke. mulai.
jadi gini. aku mau cerita sama seseorang. seseorang banget pokoknya dihati ku *apalah. tapi aku jahat.. jahatnya gini; pas lagi badmood, aku mencampakkan dia *sigh, bahkan gak jarang sms nya gak aku bales.. karena...... apa ya -__- gatau juga -__-
masalahnya, aku lg galau akut sekarang. butuh dia buat cerita. tapi gak enak -__- sedangkan aku bener" butuh harus cerita sama seseorang -__- mau cerita di blog, terlalu frontal :"( kalo cuma disimpen sendiri, terlalu seneng rasanya, jadi harus dibagi" -__- dan kalo pun mau cerita sama dia... bingung! antara ga enak dan butuh.
komplit deh :(
aku tahu karena aku bertanya. kamu sok tahu karena kamu gak pernah tanya.

Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

Kara Floral Headband

there were two girls named Mutiara and Karina who idolized Kani and her vintage-floral-cute headband. and they made their own floral headband few days ago. firstly, they brought it to our class, and our friends were interested with their work. so, they made a shop which make a floral headband, named Kara (karin&mutiara). i wore it too, as sample :p
me & Elliana (chocolate maker) :p

kyaaaa!! you can order such like that here. maybe they can make a floral headband like what you want. happy shop! ^^

Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

-dian riesta untari
you're my social media's password. you're on my wallpaper. you hoped being with me. you typed my name. you said hello. then you go with her.


(aku nulis ini dalam keadaan bete total) #trusngopo -__-
well. this was bad day. i always missing someone i never talk with. funny, right? and... no. i don't wanna tell too much about love stories here, because mine is bad. always. okay. bytheway, there's something hapenned yesterday. and i just got a silence question now. as the tittle, silence. yes, only silence as its ending. i adopted this words from Demi Lovato's song which is Skyscraper
skies are crying
i am watching
catching teardrops in my hand
only silence, as it ending
like we never had a chance
do you have to
make me feel like
there's nothing left of me
ergh! he's so lovely and i hate it -__- why him? WHY? he lets me go higher and higher, then he drops me into the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom my own corner. i hate to be left. and this  night, i've turned off my phone 'till tomorrow morning so someone can't message me. do you think i'm happy now?? ha? :) THANKS.

Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

Jumat, 17 Februari 2012

Happy 17th Birthday, Na!!

yesterday was my bestfriend's 17th birthday, Bernadheta Febriana. and i gave her a mug with a picture i designed, it looks like
this was the bad greeting card -___-

and when she was with me

wish she'll be better, more success, more smart, clever, beauty, closer to God, polite to parents, her brother and sisters, and others -____- lastly, God Bless You, always :*

Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

something stucks on my doc.

i've told you that my camera was broken. so, this pictures was captured with Fika's blackberry. ngahaha. and the resolution is not clear enough, i think. these pictures are captured a few months ago actually -___- but i just uploaded it now bcs my internet connection is not good enough -___- hahaha. and guess what? i lost my photoshop!!! :'((( i don't know why, few weeks ago, suddenly it can't openned and just not responding. yesterday i have it fixed, but its still stuck :(
there are two outfits i made, and i posted it yet onto lookbook :p
the first one is

unbranded top, unbranded skirt, converse red high sneakers, unbranded red hijab. . the red blouse is short jacket, actually. i just include it to my oversized-blue-skirt. and i wore a red hijab, and (againly) Fika's red-high-converse-sneakers (and i'm confused with the word i wanna say)

and the second

unbranded scarf, unbranded top, Bandung jeans, converse sneakers.

quote of the day

it's better if you idolize someone who is unfamous but you know him very well and you'd be yourself when you listening to his song, than you idolize someone who is very famous but only one song that you know and you don't  hear it well ♬♪

black and white mode - unposted outfit

happy valentine's day, guys!
today, at february 15th, (not at valentine's day) i got a box of chocolate from Mutiara, my benchfriend. here it is
here she is. Mutiara Zipora Abigail. such a lol. she's funny. actually she's beautiful, but she often make some lol expression when i captured her face
there's my name on it! D-I-A-N. nice, right?
and talks about the title, yesterday (at valentine's day) i am on my holiday bcs my school is used by the third grader to got try out for final exams! goodluck, senior :)
umm, last sunday, i and fika went to Car Free Day and we found such a Garage Sale. and i got a denim blazer! and it was cool. i got it for 40K. there's lot of cool-second-stuff too, but i'm interested to red blazer and denim blazer (i've told you) and because the red one is too glamour to wear, so i decided to buy the denim. and... (there are lot of  'and' word in this post)
here the blazer!! i don't know what it calls, blazer or jacket or blouse or cardigan?
who knows that its a second stuff? :p
and because my camera is still broken -_____- so yesterday i made an 'unposted outfit' because the resolution of my pictures were bad and i couldn't capture all my body. so, here we are

i edited some of them into greyscale-mode ahahaha because the resolution was bad and i think its the best choice -__-
i combined it with my vintage bag (Sophie Paris) and my brighter jeans and Liya's grey hijab (unbranded) and (and and and and and) my black-high-converse-sneakers.

Jumat, 10 Februari 2012

ice cream cone

it's my 27th look i guess :/. taken by my own camera, i use self-timer actually. is it okay? but when it was over, i got my camera is broken -__- its lens can't be closed. and i don't know why. tell me if you do.

 and i'd made the sketch too. and this sketch is bad. no. its WORST. agree? okay i know. but i'll try to make some better-outfit-sketch by myself. hahahaha you know what? i just looked the pictures below and i turn the scroll upper and found that both of this pictures is not connected to each other. ngahaha.
does it looked like ice cream cone? bcs the composition (dmn, im getting confused with the word i want to say) of the outfit was waning. got it?
and i wanna tell you a story....(standing like child who wanna tell her parents bout something she just knew this morning at school). two weeks ago, i met with a girl named Hana at my english course, (i forgot his full name) she's on second grader at Pelita Harapan Solo. its one of cool school, i think. bcs i guess that its an international school and its building is near enough to my own school, so i know that the building is cool too (okay even i don't know what's inside) okay back to Hana. she's clear enough to speak in english. SO CLEAR. like..uh.. people who lives in other country for many many many years and they can speak english since they was born. and im lil bit jealous with that thing -__-. moreover, she's clever, kind, and fun girl. she laughs for the thing she thoughts its fun, but she just quit her mouth for something heard not funny, haha its like she says, "hah? what are you saying? is it funny?"
and from that on, i do continually speak in english with myself. like when i was at bathroom, i made some conversation between me and someone (i dont know who) in english. it such a wierd thing -_____- but i want to be like Hana, someday. i hope. URGH thank you Hana for being my idol -__-
okay i think thats all. againly, sorry for my wierd grammar.

cody simpson's not just you

I know your heart's seen better times
I know our songs had better rhymes
Before today, no
I guess I made the wrong mistakes
I understand if you need your space
Please take your time

Before you go away, so far away, you need to realize

Baby, it's not just you
You know it hurts me too
Watching you leave
With tears on your sleeve
Notice that mine aren't exactly dry
Baby, it's not just you
That's hurting.. It's me too

I'm sorry
I wasn't there to catch the fall
I didn't hear you when you called
All of those nights
Please don't forget the good days with me
I can make back the heart aching grief
When it gets dark and it's hard to see
I'll turn on the lights

the -behind the scene-'s cropped photos :p

lil bit wierd -__- but i like the scene of that city and when the light looks like striking on cody's face. is my grammar is bad? sorry -__-