Sabtu, 05 Januari 2013

Pastel Floral

Hello. This is the continuation of my latest post. About hunting with Dhea and Liya.
And, it comes to daily-activities-i-mean-go-to-school after having a short holiday. Aaaaa, but luckily i passed this week hapily. Haven't got a big problem. I mean...tired-untill-sick. Why do i say so? Because i am now at 3th grade. Which means i am going to have a national exam. So that i will be busy within 3 months. WISH ME LUCK!

Okay, about this look.. I made the skirt to the taylor.  I lately love floral pattern. And i love skirts.
I love making bracelets. These are some of my DIY.
Love my headpiece? Find them on facebook "Kara Floral Headband". They are gorgeous.
ok. Bye! xo.