Minggu, 28 Oktober 2012

Floral Skirt #1

 As another Sunday passes, another Monday comes, I grow older. Sometimes I feel bored when it comes to Monday. Yet I think this is indeed so. That is live I have to live. I don’t know who I’m gonna be next in the future. But I’ve had an imagination about it. So I am on my way to be there.

Plain t-shirt My Sister's. Skirt: Taylor. Loop Shawl: Unbranded.
Ha! It was just a slight opening. A bit daily-bored-students-story. Anyway, I love skirt recently. Don’t know why. It may covers my not-thin-feet, doesn’t it? Then, ummm. I just love floral pattern. That’s why I bought a floral pattern fabric then made it as skirt. Bytheway, do i look good with these old-fashioned glass? Or i'm better without it?

Sstt, I tell you something. When I first wore it in front of my mom, she said, “Is that mukena?” (Moslem’s wear when pray). Oh, is it that long? -_-. I’m a bit resent in that time. Then I think I have to wear it above the stomach so it won’t hit the floor. Then I cover it with my sister’s plain tee. Aaannddd my favorite stuff, yap! I wore that loop shawl. I bought it at some kinda like Sunday market of the town. And I love it! It also covers my chest.
 Soooo, okay people. Bye for now!
XO, diafff

Senin, 01 Oktober 2012

I am the Chances-Take-er

someone who takes chances is the one who dare facing the worst.