Kamis, 03 Mei 2012

Angels and Gentlemen

Yesterday i downloaded Cody's new mixtape called Angels and Gentlemen. It’s consist of 6 covered songs.
The tracklists:
1.       Angels (intro)
2.       Feel so Close (Calvin Harris)
3.       Beautiful People (Chris Brown)
4.       You da One (Rihanna)
5.       Interlude
6.       Evenings in London (Drake)
7.       Everything You Want (The Weeknd)
8.       Better Together (Jack Johnson)
9.       Gentlemen (outro)
And you can download it too for free here. In the 9th tracklist, Cody said about his new album and said thanks to all of his fans for supporting him. And it's sweet!
And also i'm waiting  for Cody's new album called Paradise next summer! Can't wait!☺

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