Jumat, 20 Juli 2012

The First Sun's Rising!

Hanging out with some friends is always fun. They cheer us up! Like they did yesterday. Ya, i had three days free from my school because yesterday Moslem will have their Ramadhan (fasting month). So, i and my friends Karin, Mutiara, Manda had some photo hunting yersterday.

 okay, i'm the shortest among them



We did it in two places near of my house. The first one is some place like an empty land which was overgrown with grass. And the second was like a park with a big trees on it. That park is in the middle of people’s housing. I love seeing greens in the middle of houses like that. It produces more oxigen, right?

And here i wore a floral headband from Kara. Shoutout to Karin and Rara<3. It’s cute, isn’t it? Go order for one of their gorgerious headband and you’ll deserve to be beautiful^^. You can find them on Facebook or mention them at Karin’s twitter or Rara’s twitter. I hope it helps.
And, oh! I’m in love with my new glasses even it was unbranded hehe. It was the best! Is it old-fashioned enough? o.O

to be continued....

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