Minggu, 04 September 2011

some lates

long time no see!!
i just wanna posting some of my lastes look.

 actually, i got it this morning. like it?
tosca shirt: my father's
skirt: my mom's
bag: my mom's
belt: my mom's
shoe: converse

 i got it when idul fitri, few days ago. my mom designed the shirt and made it to a taylor.

 i got it about few days ago.
shirt(long sleeve): mine
basic t-shirt: mine
army skirt: my mom's
belt: my mom's
and this is my lastes look
sweater: hypnoteeze
vest: my mom's
skirt: my mom's
shoe: converse
so, almost all of the outfit is my mom's. she's still save her cloth when she was young. and now, i wear it for my every look. thanks mom<3

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