Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

Superday! August 10 2011

good morning. i wrote this post when i got meal. did you got your fasting till this day? i hope so.
yesterday, Wednesday. yesterday, i got an iftar with my old friend at first grade of senior high school. its so cool, ypu know? we were laughing like we did it before separated by the second grade. they still cool, laugh, and still crazy. oh God, i miss them. thanks for giving me a superday with them.
not only iftar. after it, after we got out from the restaurant, the boys were looking for a mosque for pray maghrib. while i with pipit and dhea were buying some fireworks and firecrackers for the next destination. ya, we will have played fireworks and firecrackers at manahan.wait, i have my pray magrib first with pipit at the restaurant. so, i could go to bought fireworks.
okay, after the boys got their pray, we went to manahan to playing our fireworks and firecrackers. and this is the superday. the boys were throwing a firecrackers to the girls and made them shouted out loud. hahaha. this is funny guys. we were laughing, shouting, and joking like we don't have a load. till i forgot that i will have an exams and some homework for tomorrow. hey, we could rent it from our friend, right? :p ya, and when its almost done, i and sammy were hiding one of my friend's cloth that he offs it at her motorcycle. hahahaha, and he (who looses he cloth) said there's an important letters he must find at that cloth. mess. so, sammy gots it back to him.
lastly, my friend, Laksita had an closing messages for us. she said thanks for this superday, thanks for coming to the iftar. she hopes that we can do this again next year, maybe.
and so do i, i hope we're never separated by the time. i love you guys.
and thanks God, bigthanks♥

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