Senin, 16 Januari 2012

new door just opened

is it still early of new year? yes i think
talking about my new header...
yesterday, i met up with Fika, remember? my old friend. we talked about 'hijab'. about her friends who has a lot of cool hijab stock, talk about my favorite hijaber called SATURDAY blog, and many others still about hijab. and.... guess what? we've planned to making one online shop that selling a cool hijab we're going to make. this idea surely inspired by hijab's style that being weared by Siti Juwatiyah on SATURDAY blog. the details of the hijab is about flower, flowery, flower, flower, flower, flower. till im going crazy wanted this item -__-. and talk about the title, i think its a new door from God had sent for me and Fika. Bismillah, may Allah blesses us our this new bussines, aamiin ;)
so, we're gonna buying some cotton cloth filled with flower fabric.
about the header?
yes, this afternoon i made a label of our hijab store. and i'm looking for a new font at Dafont. and that is one of my favorite. so i use it too to make my new header.
wait our new hijab store!!! and im on my knees, asking you all for supporting me, us.
thank you

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