Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011

time change, people change

hello. im writing bout my best friend in some of my post a few months ago. at that time, i felt so complete, because i have friend which is kind and the other kind. you know? i felt luck enough to get some friends like them. i felt i don't wanna left them, don't wanna far away from them, don't wanna forgetting all bout them. i felt like, i won't have another friend, another best friend like them, just one, them.
but now, i feel bad. you know? this noon, i sat beside my best friend that i won't mention it here. on that desk, i want talking with her, because i have no talk with her. i miss her. i miss the way we went together at the rest time, we taking photos... etc. no, i don't wanna talk about this anymore. and in that desk, i felt like, im not there. she talk and laughing with her new friends while im just doing nothing. it feels soo painful. not only her, but one of my friend that i know well, isn't greeting me at that time, he's just walking in front of me and talking with his friend.
and from that small accident, now, i feel like have no best friend anymore. do you think im crying now? at least, no, im not. because when im crying, its not bringing my best friends go back to who is she before.
ya, "time change, people change". now, i know the meaning of that quote. the time goes by, people meet with new friend, new people, and and the time dragging them into new world that i've ever know before. maybe in my new class, i will find my new friend too. but i get them yet for now.
i feel much better, because i have one, only one friend now. i wish she won't change too. because i love her.

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