Sabtu, 06 Agustus 2011

My Letters to God

this is sunday, and this is first sunday on Ramadhan. i certainly will feel very hungry today, cause all the time i through today is doing nothing. i don't know what to do till now.
but, i've got one inspiring film this morn. ya, i woke up at 7.30 am this morning. not really bad, right? i remember i rent a film few days ago, and i watch it yet. i just copy it to my pc, so i can watch it whenever i want. and i watched it this morning. i haven't tell you the title, ya? haha the title was Letters To God. just from the title, i already now that this film must be sad, touching, and anything which can make me cry. and from the synopsis that i've read when i rent this film.
this film is tell us about a boy who got an rare cancers which  already acute. and so sadly, he's writing lots of letter to God. he says about her mom, her brother, her best friend, and everything he wanna asks. he asks to God to take care of his all special persons. he wanna says thank to God to send a mom like her mom, she asks to God to caring her brother who doesn't got enough concern from his mother, she says thank to God for send him a great best friend like Sam. and many more.
here is some pics.
it was a cover of this film on my country.
this is Tyler, that i've told you
and this is Tyler with her brother and his best friend.
and i say you should watch this film. should! mustly! i don't know why lately i often rent a film which is tell about kids who got an cancer or other bad sickness. but believe it or not, i got little lesson how to believe on God for everything he says. how to passes our grateful life gratefully. because God is always there, waits you to come to his legs. so, pray everything you want to pray, undoubtedly God will give you ways to get her heaven. don't ever says that God is not fair, is not hear your pray. you totally wrong to say like that. when you far away from God, God will more far away from you. because 'God is always following her slave's prejudice"
and on my own letters to God, i wanna say thanks to gave me an great live like this, i wish i could closer with God, and if You can, please give me a people who can be me chairmate tomorrow. thanks.

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