Kamis, 05 April 2012

Happy 16 to Me!

 Yay! I'm 16 now. Thank you Allah for give me all this happiness and luck. Thanks to my parents for all this grateful life. Thanks to all my friends for give me a beautiful friendship. Hopefully i'll get better on this age.
1. Of course get closer to Allah
2. Respect my parents, realize all their desire
 3. Be better mate for all my friends, have more friends
4. Graduate from 2nc grader with great score
5. I wish I could improve my ability to draw
6. I really wish I could lose weight!!!
xixixi. I think that's all. thanks for all the words that've been spoken to me :p
oya! these are the greatest birthday cake i've ever get
the first one is from Moniek and Fika. they gave it to me at night, and i don't expect that much. xixixi. okay, i know the shape of the cake was bad, isn't it? but their love have fixed it♥
and the second cake came from my beloved friends too, they're Anna, Dhea,  Fila,  and Pipit. they're too sweet! they gave it after school yesterday. thankyouverymuch!♥♥
okay, i think that's all about my 16th birthday. once again, THANK YOU♥

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  1. hello. sudah lama tak berkunjung ke blogmu nih, hehe.kamu makin keren aja ya Dian. waa~
    oh ya, selamat ulang tahun juga.
    oh ya, aku kini tinggal di jogja loh. semoga suatu saat dalam perjalanan, bisa ketemu. haha