Senin, 02 April 2012

Floral Denim

remember my unposted outfit? haha. -__- yesterday, i made an outfit. same with that one. i'm on holiday now. the third grade have their 'latihan ujian' again. so, i get about 5 days free! and sadly, i don't know what to do -__- so i did this stuff -_-

you can help me to hype this outfit here. haha. here's just the other one
i love this one. don't know why. my friend, Anna likes the effect. ;)
i made a gif-image also :p
oya! 4 days left, there will emmm some like Garage Sale at Solo, called HelloGarageSale. check their twitter here. it sells many superb second stuffs from two fashion bloggers from Jakarta. the first one is Anastasia Siantar with her Brown Platform, and the second one is Cindy Biantoro with her Diamond Hurts. also supported by 8 online shops from Solo ;) so, i'll come there and find some cool stuffs :p Solo was rarely holding such cool event like this. so i won't let it go :p haha
sorry for my bad grammar ._.v

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