Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

Moniek Ramadhani T U

not too good, ya? but i swear this is the best picture she ever had *in my opinion* she rare taking pictures like me :D .
i tell you something important bout her. she just like a boy till i love her so much much much. she's my boy. *hah?* if she was a boy, i'll be her girlf now, i swear :p
actually, she was my friend on kindergarten :) but i still establish a relationship as best friend till now.
i share my mistakes, my secrets, all my foolness, my tears. she always there when i need sniffer for crying, she there when i need an arms to hold. but im not. i was a bad friend huhuhuuuu im not there when she needs me, but she's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kind!
but we're rarely met now :( im busier and so she. sssstt, she's a popular girl! she's basket girl! she's taller than me :(
i remember this picture
the only picture i had. my picture with her. the only picture -_________- huhu im sad right now, cheer me up, please? haha kidding! she's on the chat with me right now. wanna met her? follow ya :) 
so, this all, no. mm just my opinion bout her. love ya, sorry


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