Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

black and white mode - unposted outfit

happy valentine's day, guys!
today, at february 15th, (not at valentine's day) i got a box of chocolate from Mutiara, my benchfriend. here it is
here she is. Mutiara Zipora Abigail. such a lol. she's funny. actually she's beautiful, but she often make some lol expression when i captured her face
there's my name on it! D-I-A-N. nice, right?
and talks about the title, yesterday (at valentine's day) i am on my holiday bcs my school is used by the third grader to got try out for final exams! goodluck, senior :)
umm, last sunday, i and fika went to Car Free Day and we found such a Garage Sale. and i got a denim blazer! and it was cool. i got it for 40K. there's lot of cool-second-stuff too, but i'm interested to red blazer and denim blazer (i've told you) and because the red one is too glamour to wear, so i decided to buy the denim. and... (there are lot of  'and' word in this post)
here the blazer!! i don't know what it calls, blazer or jacket or blouse or cardigan?
who knows that its a second stuff? :p
and because my camera is still broken -_____- so yesterday i made an 'unposted outfit' because the resolution of my pictures were bad and i couldn't capture all my body. so, here we are

i edited some of them into greyscale-mode ahahaha because the resolution was bad and i think its the best choice -__-
i combined it with my vintage bag (Sophie Paris) and my brighter jeans and Liya's grey hijab (unbranded) and (and and and and and) my black-high-converse-sneakers.

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