Senin, 28 November 2011

potoshop vs. toycam

hey. lately i found more and more new technic editing from potoshop. and i'll share it with you.
this pics below inspired by some of my friends who edit their photos by using toycam. but i dont have it -_- so, i make my own toycam by using potoshop cs. :p you dont have potoshop too? make your own.. :p
1. CTRL + U
 dont forget to playing the reds, yellow, greens, cyans, blues, and magentas. for getting an effect like that picture, just change the yellow, greens, cyans, blues, and magentas to 0 in its hue. understand? haha
2. CTRL + M
 again!! dont forget to play the red green and blue. find your own colours.
3. CTRL + B
 yeyey. and this technic was what i use for lasts post.. remember when i said that i found a new technic? yes, this is.
4. and this is what i called 'my own toycam' bcs i saw some of them play with the border colour, so i make my own with potoshop's brush. just the simple brush. you can make your own. oftenly i choose 'overlay' for its mode and 'normal' mode rarely.

and, that's all :D. i hope you can make your own toycam too. 


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  1. thanks for the tutorial,already try it and success. btw visit my blog : :))) your blog is amazing!

  2. okay, your welcome :D
    i visit it, dear. would you follow me back?