Kamis, 01 Desember 2011

Back to December

thank God its december.
and its almost new year :( it seems like yesterday was new year, yesterday was january, yesterday was my fifteenth.
there's so many things i've done this year. being a social student, not galau anymore, got lot of friends, lost some of my bests, got more experiences, decreased my weight, and many more.
time goes fast. so fast. so i've been a better people yet. but maybe God gives us next year to be better more. i hope.
i'm on book for my semester gasal test when i wrote this post. ahaha. i get borred. i've download some of cool songs this day.

and i had download Justin Bieber's new album; Under The Mistletoe. even if its a chrismast album, i still download it bcs i love his voices. and this is the tracklist if you wan to download it too

not only justin bieber, but also my other favorite singer has launched their album. like Cody Simpson and his new album; Coast to Coast. the songs inside is very easy listening like his other songs. there's 3 new songs, and the other must be heard by your ears. this is the tracklist;

and by the way, my other favorite singer launched her new videoclip. Avril Lavigne - Wish You Were Here from Goodbye Lullaby album. either i just found out that video or indeed its launched long time ago. hahaha. somehow, suddenly i thank about her and opened her official website to find her new single, maybe. but i didn't found it, haha. i just found her new video that you have to see here. and you'll find her pose like this
and it looks so painful, right?
okay, that's enough for this early december.

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