Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

Calvin Jeremy vs. Anna

heho!! this afternoon, i went to McDonalds with Anna after the Midterm. we went to Solo Paragon too. that was my first time went there hahaha. we bought nothing -__- Anna just bought an ice tea. okay, that's not too important to tell. to the point. after we went home, i do listening to the radio till now. i write this post while listening to radio. actually PTPN Radio Solo, and it infites a Cool Singer named Calvin Jeremy. he's Indonesian singer and song writer. he's on that Radio at 4-5pm. then now he's on Metta fm till 6pm. he idolized John Mayer (Anna's favorite singer). hihihi and i think i'm going to idolized Calvin right now -__- his songs are cool enough, lil bit 'galau' but easy listening. you have to listen to his song too!
here Calvin's Channel at Youtube.
sorry i can't share his video here because my internet connection was bad. oya, about 2-3 months from now, Calvin will launch his second album. and i heard, one of his song is "utuh". you can watch the video i'd shared above.

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