Sabtu, 31 Maret 2012

Hello, April!

yaaaaay! Welcome, April. i always looking forward for this month, don't know why. ummm, maybe becaue my birthday was on this month? -___- bytheway, talk about April, i had a bad story last year, on April. my bestfriend, Moniek said that she wanted to moved out of town. she wanted to moved to Surabaya. and she said it seriously. that time, i was on my class. so, i believe that -_- i was panic that time. she said she was waiting for her father to picked her and her family up to Surabaya. so we couldn't meet anymore. there was no more time. and i'm so sad that time. seriously, she said it seriously. I started thinking that i would never meet her again. i would lost one of my best best best friend. because we made a friend since we met on kindergarten :( and she was the best i've ever had. I was so afraid of losing her.*xixixi*. and........guess what? it was just an APRIL MOP! oh. sht. i've been tricked -_- she did it prefectly. and after that, I was angry for a while. but it was very sucks :(. okay, that's my story. what's yours? ;)
1. I wish I can get closer to GOD
2. more holiday, more study
3. my parent aren't much angry
4. I can make a summary of all my lesson i've got
5. resolve my bad scores
6. be a better student
7. I can catch   all of Cody's new song because it''s too hard to find some of his song
8. be cleverer, more diligent
9. decrease my twitter, facebook, y!m, or something that can waste my time
10. I wish God answer all my prayers. aamiin.
Sorry for my bad grammar .__.

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