Senin, 12 Maret 2012

New Header!

heho! today, mmm i mean start from today, all my seniors have to passed their UAS :( so i get some holiday. its about one week. and this morning, i didn't know what to do. then, i opened my documents and found a tutorial i've never did before from Sabila Anata. it was very simple tutorial from her. and i decided to make it myself. and i did it! hehe this was the result

 before do the tutorial, i searched some vintage-floral-pattern from Google. it such a...

 wanna try? open the link i shared above. it uses! ;) hope you can make you own ;) happy trying!!
and i wanna share Cody Simpson's new single which is So Listen ft. T-Pain
 it was the audio. the video clip haven't been made, just wait for seconds :p
and it was the live one. hope you enjoy!!!

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