Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

selamat ulang tahun, Buu♥♥♥♥

hey! today's my mother's birthday!! and yesterday i've prepared something for her. just kinda wallet. hehe. she wanted a watch, actually. but i can't bought her that one bcs the cost just too expensive to me. umm, my father gave me some money, too to buy this gift, so this gift is from me and my father♥ actually, i don't know my mother's age. hahaha. last year i remembered asking it to her, but now i forget it :| is it important? hahaha moreover, i don't know my father's age too! xixixi. and next month, at the same day (29th) he has his birthday too! and I haven't had the idea to give something to him. any idea? :/
and these are the package of that gift. haha.

the -birthday greetings- card

here's just gif image i made from Sabila Anata's tutorial how to make a gif images!
big love, diafff♥♥♥♥

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