Sabtu, 16 Juli 2011

final jam!!

today i got lots of things to tell. im sorry if i write in english clearly yet. i just try to improve my english more. may you help? thanks so :)

from this morning, i felt very lazy, i dont know why. maybe bcs today is saturday. so what? -__- in the class, i sit in rizky's side. she's nice, she laughs. but its not the problem. today, i sleepy again!! i almost sleep in the class and when the matematics lesson, which the teacher is so mad. im afraid to ask her to go to toilet, why? because i heard from some friend that she's mad, so im afraid :( but, its okay! in he second hour, i felt better :) haha

in the afternoon, my mom persuade me to go to my aunt's house. its not too far, its just about 5 kms from my house. and im so glad! why? because my uncle from surabaya is coming home :D he takes his wife and his three childs. he's coming home bcs he gonna talking with my other aunts and uncles about something.

and this is the final jam!! no, im kidding. in the end, my mom gives me more allowance, xixi. its just because, tommorrow, she invited to a seminar about health. so, she gives me money to wear the motorcycle! im being mad that time, bcs it means that i cant go anywhere! :( but its okay. i will spent my looooooooooooooooooooong sunday time to watching some movie and making more bracelet!

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