Jumat, 15 Juli 2011

ini hari ke berapa yah?

actually i knew this is the forth day. i just confused to writing the title haha. as what i had promised yesterday, start from now, i try to writing english.

today, i don't sit on mega's side anymore. today, we change our position. i sit beside mimin today. she don't talk much, i dont know why. maybe bcs im the new chairmate for her, xixi. but today is short day, we went home at 11.15 am, so i dont know mimin much more. and i dont got much notes for today. i just noting one lesson today from one teacher of course. i note an accounting lesson. and i feel glad! the teacher is talking about the fact of our nation's economic situation, and i like a teacher who teach as how is the fact of the lesson on our own environment. and he's not a boring teacher, he talk about lot of thing bout economic, especially a  basic accounting for today. but i dont get much lesson. haha, because i felt sleepy this morning. its because i slept too late yesterday. but today, i won't do it again-__- i suffered enough. i feel like a fool when get sleepy and suddenly wake up. its like anyone just call you bcs you sleeping on the class! haha.

i dont wanna do it anymore, bismillah.
and i think enough, i feel sleepy now. so, great day for tomorrow guys!

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