Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

something stucks on my doc.

i've told you that my camera was broken. so, this pictures was captured with Fika's blackberry. ngahaha. and the resolution is not clear enough, i think. these pictures are captured a few months ago actually -___- but i just uploaded it now bcs my internet connection is not good enough -___- hahaha. and guess what? i lost my photoshop!!! :'((( i don't know why, few weeks ago, suddenly it can't openned and just not responding. yesterday i have it fixed, but its still stuck :(
there are two outfits i made, and i posted it yet onto lookbook :p
the first one is

unbranded top, unbranded skirt, converse red high sneakers, unbranded red hijab. . the red blouse is short jacket, actually. i just include it to my oversized-blue-skirt. and i wore a red hijab, and (againly) Fika's red-high-converse-sneakers (and i'm confused with the word i wanna say)

and the second

unbranded scarf, unbranded top, Bandung jeans, converse sneakers.

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