Rabu, 22 Februari 2012


(aku nulis ini dalam keadaan bete total) #trusngopo -__-
well. this was bad day. i always missing someone i never talk with. funny, right? and... no. i don't wanna tell too much about love stories here, because mine is bad. always. okay. bytheway, there's something hapenned yesterday. and i just got a silence question now. as the tittle, silence. yes, only silence as its ending. i adopted this words from Demi Lovato's song which is Skyscraper
skies are crying
i am watching
catching teardrops in my hand
only silence, as it ending
like we never had a chance
do you have to
make me feel like
there's nothing left of me
ergh! he's so lovely and i hate it -__- why him? WHY? he lets me go higher and higher, then he drops me into the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom my own corner. i hate to be left. and this  night, i've turned off my phone 'till tomorrow morning so someone can't message me. do you think i'm happy now?? ha? :) THANKS.

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