Jumat, 10 Februari 2012

ice cream cone

it's my 27th look i guess :/. taken by my own camera, i use self-timer actually. is it okay? but when it was over, i got my camera is broken -__- its lens can't be closed. and i don't know why. tell me if you do.

 and i'd made the sketch too. and this sketch is bad. no. its WORST. agree? okay i know. but i'll try to make some better-outfit-sketch by myself. hahahaha you know what? i just looked the pictures below and i turn the scroll upper and found that both of this pictures is not connected to each other. ngahaha.
does it looked like ice cream cone? bcs the composition (dmn, im getting confused with the word i want to say) of the outfit was waning. got it?
and i wanna tell you a story....(standing like child who wanna tell her parents bout something she just knew this morning at school). two weeks ago, i met with a girl named Hana at my english course, (i forgot his full name) she's on second grader at Pelita Harapan Solo. its one of cool school, i think. bcs i guess that its an international school and its building is near enough to my own school, so i know that the building is cool too (okay even i don't know what's inside) okay back to Hana. she's clear enough to speak in english. SO CLEAR. like..uh.. people who lives in other country for many many many years and they can speak english since they was born. and im lil bit jealous with that thing -__-. moreover, she's clever, kind, and fun girl. she laughs for the thing she thoughts its fun, but she just quit her mouth for something heard not funny, haha its like she says, "hah? what are you saying? is it funny?"
and from that on, i do continually speak in english with myself. like when i was at bathroom, i made some conversation between me and someone (i dont know who) in english. it such a wierd thing -_____- but i want to be like Hana, someday. i hope. URGH thank you Hana for being my idol -__-
okay i think thats all. againly, sorry for my wierd grammar.

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