Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

Avril lavigne - Smile Official Music Video

i love Avril Lavigne since I got junior high school. i heart her rock slow music. not like usual rock music, her music is more slow and more funny to hear then other.
this song is belongs to her 4th album called 'Goodbye Lullaby' . do you interests to download the song? click here .
this is the other song lists from Goodbye Lullaby's album
     1. Black Star
       2. What The Hell
       3. Push
       4. Wish You Were Here
       5. Smile
       6 Stop Standing There
       7. I Love You
       8. Everybody Hurts
       9. Not Enough
      10. 4 Real
      11. Darlin
      12. Remember When
      13. Goodbye
you can also visiting Avril's website here

enjoy! :)

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