Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

Dhea Swasti Maharani

 show me your 'uuuh' haha. this is it!
she's my friend bench since a half of year ago. dont mention!
she is mad, sensitive *dont tell her, ya?* she often mess me up. she grabs my veil, pinchs my arm, hits my body, everyday, everytime and everywhere -___-
but i love her. i spent all my time with just laughing and laughing and laughing with her. 
you wanna see our crazy thing? this is the one :
what are you think? you don't laughing? its just because you not there with us :p . hahaha we laughing outloud that time.
the thing i wall miss is, we often capturing pictures. like this

ya. we do all crazy things. she often grabs my phone and taking a lot of pictures there. soooooo many many many pictures. until my memory is full!! no, its not true hehe. but seeeeee !!!!
you believe me, now? but its not big problem :D . with it, i can see her face everytime i want :p
haha because she has an oriental beautiful face. see? okay, no.
she has a boyfriend, boy!! so, dont judge that she's beautiful :p
haha she loves Cody Simpson, hello kitty, child things, princess, and.. me :D
whatever she is, she's still my old sister :**


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