Jumat, 24 Juni 2011

new room, new class, new season.

hey guys! this is holiday day, right? ya. what are you doing now? what are you do in your holiday? lots of you must be answering like vacation, taking pictures, studying (maybe?) :p, swimming, aaaaaand many more. yesterday, i felt soo boring. i got home alone huhu :( . and i didn't wanna go outside from my house, because its so hot out there. so, yesterday, i decided to tidy up my room. no, its make overing my room! no, its make overing my SUPER SMALL ROOM. bcs i got bored with my old room. but i didn't change it to another room. i just changing some of location's things and sweeping the dusty side.
im so happy that i found some old thing in my past. like past photos, past papers, and others. and as the result, i got one super big garbage's plastic, medium plastic and one log of my computer's desk. hahaha i was laughing bcs it was an old desk. and in the pics below you will see some ideas on how i store certain items - in particular my headband stand which i am overly proud of. I'll even teach you out to make it.. so read on ;).
wanna see? this is my yield of my effort yesterday!!

first, this is my 'girl's stuff wall'

 I'm a big fan of wearing a small thin rope for bracelet, or headband. sometimes i string up some of that rope which i buy from 'queen accessories' to be a worst bracelet. haha i don't capture the bracelet bcs i forgot it *plak. haha

next, this is my study desk
its really big desk i've ever had -__- and it has fulling my room! someday, i wanna ask to my mother to change this big thing into a smaller desk. i hope so. but, its not too disrupt me. i save everything there. my bag's school, my books, papers, past archives, quran, dolls, and mny others. i rare studying here. i like studying in my bed better than studying in this desk. haha.

okay, next. this is my computer desk
 do you see a pc there? yes you did. i just have an old laptop. i have a PC too, but its placed on my parent's room bcs my room is full! urgh. i spent all my time here. online, browsing, editing pictures, an others.

enough! and this is my mirror wall

mmm, you know whats every girl talking about, isn't you? haha me too. this is my 'girl side'. im dressing up here, lookin in the mirror before i go to school ;) perfuming, combing, and do more 'girl thing' here. see lots of perfume bottle? no, im not use them all. i just dont trash it. haha i collect some of perfume bottle bcs i heart the shape and the fregrance. it was really an absurd thing. and not too important to do.

next, this is my photo side wall

 tereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. this is my favourite side of my room. because i can see my past there, my holiday, where i have been to, how i was little. i patch up all of my pictures. but i need more photos too fill this wall. i will fill it with my future photo :) like when i will graduate, when i will work, when i will marry, and others! i really want it. but, if i must to go from this room before i was full it, i will patch that picture again in my new wall :)

lastly, i wanna say thanks to you for seeing my new room. hope you get little inspire to tidy up your own room, and how to use you spare time on this holiday.
enjoy guys!

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