Selasa, 14 Juni 2011

love 'em

hey guys!!
today, i got a boring day in the school. we all waiting for the remidial. but, wo don't get it! yeah \(ˇ▼ˇ)/ . just some of us got it :( , but don't worry. you can do your best again!! keep spirit!!
mmm, after all, and we think we didn't get a remidial more, we go to the mall!! yeaaaaaay, because some of us is hungry in this hot afternoon. oh shit, this days was so hot!! i wore a scarf to get there.
arrived at the mall, we went to the foodcourt and we got lunch!
after we'd full, we were taking some photos!! look!!

hahahaha im laughing at the box! its being fulled by us! crazy -___- it was crazy. hahaha i was laughing, so one of the photo, there's me yet :(
see the shadow? thats me!! HAHA mess -___-
but its okay. i love that photo :)
after we taking some photo, we were walking arround the mall till we got tired hahaha. we sat on the seat in the outside and talking about everything.
after end, they ask me to go to my house -_____- which is sooooooo far from the mall and their house. okay, i can't say anything more. so, we went to my house to take a rest for a while.
they talking about me , my childlife, and my parents who not there that time. haha.
till 1.30 pm, they went home :(
haha bu its okay *again*

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