Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

I Feel Great This Day

headband : i made (from queen pernak-pernik)
t-shirt : fadegoretas
skirt : elementary's skirt
belt : my mom's
bag : my mom's
sneakers : red allstar converse

today, actually i had a boring day. really. and im fasting today. so, the clock felt sooooo hard to walk.
my cousin promised me to come to my house. but she's late. huhu :'( i was waiting for an hour in my own house hahahaha. she texted me that she will late. i know. okay, i wait.
finallyyyy she came. she changed her hair and gather it all with my ribbon. she looks so beautiful ;). and I ?
yea, I wear that t-shirt, that elementary's skirt that actually i wear yet, because in my elementary, i wear longer skirt, really. then, i ask my mother to having that vintage bag. and she says yes!! wuu, im so glad to wear that bag.
and then, i was upload it to my lookbook. wanna hype? thanks before :)

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