Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011

Older Than Ever

hello guys. its weekend! its the first weekend on our holiday, right? so, yesterday i got a look.

look the motive below

dresses : my aunt's
jackets : my aunt's
sneakers : red allstar converse
headband : i made
can you believe that the dress is my aunt's? my cousin brought me some of 'old dresses' from her mother. such as that pretty dress and the jacket. love it so much. but, the size does not fit on my body HAHA. so, i wear the red jacket to cover the dress. i'd tell you that i like making an headband or some bracelet from little rope, right? that headband is one of my collections. but i can change it into another colour or shape. wanna try? hope you can do better :)
lastly, wanna hype? here it is . thanks..

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