Rabu, 08 Juni 2011

new sneakers

i'm soooo happy todayyyyyyyyyy.
i got economic test this morning. i can't catch it  :( im so sad to know that i can't answer a lots of questions. but, i got some answer from my friend :) ooohh, mess. i promise i will studied harder :D

after school, i went to one of distro clothing. the named of the store was ESES. today i wanna buy a red shoes. but, the store has open yet :( so i should waiting in the outside for a while. i hear the product of the sneakers is not too expensive here. and i got this news from my best friend, dhea :D . theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, when i enter  the store, it was cool :D , the store is full of crocs sandals. but im looking for allstar sneakers. and finally, after I got around the store, i found an original red allstar sneakers :D im so glad because the prices is not too expensive.
this is it...........

I have long wanted for this sneakers, extend i should saving a few of my pocket money. so, i got a speechless feeling when i could buy it :D

thanks. thats all today.

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